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Dehydrated sea grapes box 200 g

Dehydrated sea grapes box 200 g

Ingredients: Sea grapes

Package: 10 pack / box
Net weight: 200 g

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Sea grapes of Tri Tin Co., Ltd are clean and green foods, which was originated from 200 g of sea grapes seeds from OKINAWA Japan. In 2004, Tri Tin Co., Ltd. was the first company in Vietnam successfully breeding and farming “Commercial sea grapes” at clean coastal areas in Khanh Hoa Province, Viet Nam by natural cultivation methods.Sea Grapes are rich in macrominerals, microminerals such as Iod, Fe, Ca, Mg, Zn, Na, K, vitamins A, C, E…and unsaturated fatty acids in omega 3, omega 6 groups are essential for human body of all ages.

Keeping time: 6 months – 12 months

Preservation: Use within 6 months if keep in cool place or 12 months in refrigerator.

Serving Instruction:
+ Soak the dehydrated sea grapes into a bowl of clean water in 3 minutes, they will become fresh and tender as initial state.

+ Take out sea grapes, soak in another bowl of clean water to make it fresher and brittler and serve as fresh sea grapes.

Proportion:  1kg of dehydrated sea grapes will swell up to 2.5 kg fresh sea grapes after soaking in water.